Skoal Freshie - Polo Scent

$ 11.99
Customized by your choice in scent. Colors and decorations will vary unless you request something personalized, which may be done in customization below. Unsure about a scent? Message us and we’ll give you a description before ordering! Don’t see a scent on the menu please message us, we may have it as we have scents not listed. Scents can last up to 4+ weeks, depending on size and other elements. Freshies will last around 3-4 weeks on average. Some scents do not smell as strong or last as long as others, please be aware of this when ordering. Orders are made to ship, so please allow time for processing - you will be notified. We’re always adding new options so please come back to visit often. **Car freshies can melt in extreme heat. Try to keep out of direct sunlight if possible. Though our freshies are marketed towards car use, please note that they also work great in bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and more!

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