Science Kits for Kids

$ 10.99

FOSSIL COLLECTION: Spark the interest of a budding paleontologist with this First Fossil Collection! Have fun exploring the details of fossils with the magnifying lens and learn fascinating facts about each fossil. Kit includes Magnifying Lens Ruler, Geological Time Chart, STEAM Handbook and 6 real fossils.

ROCKS & MINERALS: Explore the details of rocks and minerals that we use everyday (and don't even realize it!) This Kit includes a Rock Classification Chart, Magnifying Lens Ruler, S.T.E.A.M. Handbook and 6 real Rocks & Minerals.

WACK N' CRACK GEODES: Features a tube of 4-6 sugar geodes filled with quartz crystals just waiting to be cracked open! Expose thousands of years of volcanic activity with each one. Hanging tube includes instructions and interpretive text.

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