Fubbles Bubblin’ Glitter Bug. Wings spin while blowing. Ages 3+

$ 9.99

Wing-spinning bubble-bug invites playful fun! Invites discovery and simple pleasure. Blows streams of bubbles! Includes dip tray & 2 Fluid ounces of bubbles included

  • Glitter Bug, Bubblin'
  • Includes: Dip tray, bubble solution. 3+. Wings spin while blowing bubbles! Ez 2 do! Notes to Parents: Remove foil and discard before giving to a child. Bubble toys work best when they are primed. We found the toy to blow great bubbles after 6 dips. Glitter Bug should be held so that the wings spin freely as the child blows through the mouthpiece. If bubble liquid builds up in the open spaces of the bubble wand, the toy may not blow bubbles properly. Simply blow around the open spaces to remove excess solution. Also, all bubble toys work best when the toys and the bubble solution are free of contaminants. Always wash bubble toys before using. Hand wash in warm water and rinse thoroughly. Bubble solution contains no dyes and is non-toxic. 

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