DIY Latch Hook Slipper Kit (one size fits all)

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Soft, furry and terribly cute, this Make Your Own Shaggy Latch Hook Slippers Kit from Fashion Angels are fun to make and even more fun to wear. This kit comes complete with a foam slipper base to cut to fit your shoe size, and pre-cut yarn in a bright rainbow of colors, along with the latch hook tool. Follow our rainbow pattern included in the instructions, or design a color pattern of your own to latch hook the foot bed and top strap of these slippers. This kit is fun, and so relaxing to make that you will want enough kits to make a pair for the entire family! Kit includes: 1 pair of shoe bases, 1 pair of mesh bases, 2 pieces of adhesive, 6 colors of pre-cut yarn, latch hook tool, and instructions.

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