Mississippi Muddy Prints Appointment Spot on 2/18/23 at Barlow Blue. The $30 Fee will be applied to your purchase price at checkout on 2/18.

$ 30.00
Appointment Time for February 18th at Barlow Blue

Mississippi Muddy Prints is coming back to Barlow Blue!  Make ONE Appointment per family (even if you have 5 kids and want multiple items).  You will be able to make as many items as you would like to during your appointment time.  If multiple families are traveling together you will need to make separate appointments for each family.  If there are not enough appointments available in a group to accommodate you please contact us and we can help you.  The items that you order WILL be back in time for Mother's Day and these are the perfect gifts for that!

Appointment fees are non refundable but they are transferable.  You can sell or give your spot to someone else if you can't make it.  Please text us at 662-547-6220 if you have made changes to the appointment name.

The $30 appointment fee will be applied to your purchase price on 2/18 so you will get 100% of that back if you keep the appointment.  No shows or cancellations forfeit the $30 fee.

PLEASE be on time (or arrive a little early).  We usually stay booked up and try to stay on schedule

Barlow Blue will also be doing Fusion Welded Jewelry in the store on 2/18.  We will be taking walk ins and you can get yours done while you are there!  It will be the perfect time to get those matching mother/daughter bracelets!

Text us at 662-547-6220 if you need assistance.

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