77 Ways To Play Tenzi

$ 9.99
If you're a fan of dice games.... Get some dice and roll on in.

77 Ways to Play TENZI is essentially, 77 games to play with dice!

Three main categories include:
Pattern games
Non-speed games
Score keeping games

Don't like a game idea? Skip that card. When you've got a deck of 77 games, you can be picky as you want! There are more ways to play than hours in a day.

Pattern games, speed, slow, patterns, silly, serious, teams, singles... 77 sturdy game cards shake up the fun.

77 Ways To Play TENZI
  • 77 dice games
  • Dice are not included, (TENZI dice sets sold separately)
  • Generates excitement, logical thinking, interaction
  • 3 main categories: Pattern games, Non-speed games, Keeping score
  • Dice sold separately
  • Convenient size game cards: 3 X 3 inches
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